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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Testosterone gel to increase penis size. Results 1 to 16 of titan gel kambodza Thread: Testosterone gel to increase penis size. Thread Tools Advanced Search. Surgery is the only way to increase size imo.

Tiatn don't believe in any magic pills or anything that will make it grow. I wish I could work my cock out and it would grow to 10'' long. Just hang some weight to it. Try it out let us know. I titaan check this review site when kamhodza for new products. I have gotten several from them and am very satisfied with the results. The site is sbarticles. I always check this review site sbarticles. I have gotten several things from them and ttan found the products very good.

Originally Posted by ilovejuice. In a country full of whores and sluts its hard for the average man not to feel a little self conscious. But I have had many chick friends tell me they enjoy sex with a smaller guy than a bigger guy generally titan gel kambodza the size causes an ego and therefore a lack of dedication and skill on how to use the damn thing, but the other guys go swashbuckler on the inside of their vagina usually finding the G-spot and tearing it apart.

Just avoid whores, look for real women, and you should be good. My rule is if I cant count your guys on my hands without re-using fingers, I dont want any part of it lol. Long time I used cheap preparations, but they did not give desirable result. After a while I have decided to order Penylarge capsules as recommended by an old friend. This preparation has very much helped me I could see result at once. Originally Posted by Matt W. Your dick size is what it is. Surgery can improve flaccid limp length, but who gives a shit about that?

Originally Posted by Zero V. My gf loves my penis. The only bad thing I heard about surgery besides it being so expensive issss It points to the ground. You have what you have And the weight thing titan gel kambodza on your rope I heard is temporary Only testosterone administration during adolescence can cause an increase in penis size. Test injects right in the nuts, sure to get you going.

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