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By Sabine Walter, Pierre A. Lehu Hman how a penis functions can provide category erect human penis insight into sex and the human body — whether you want to understand the penis and male anatomy better or learning about it for the first time. Basically, a penis is huuman of three structures, which are made of a spongelike material that can fill with blood: The two corpus cavernosa contain the category erect human penis arteries and lie on the top half of the penis. They are cylindrical tubes and are larger numan the other spongy structure.

Titan gel sastav jesen corpus spongiosumwhich is under the two corpus cavernosa and surrounds the urethra, is the pipeline for both urine and sperm. When a man becomes sexually excitedthe nerves surrounding his penis become active, causing the muscles around the arteries to relax and more blood to flow into the penis.

The spongelike material then absorbs the additional blood, making the penis stiff and hard, or erect. After a man ejaculates or if his arousal fades, detumescence occurs, in which the brain sends a signal to allow the blood to leave the erect penis, and it returns to its flaccid state. The head of the penis, called the glans, is shaped like a cone.

The opening of the glans is called the meatus me- ate- usand at the base of the category erect human penis is a crownlike structure called the corona. The scrotuma sac of skin located at the base of the humaj, holds the testicles. The testicles produce sperm and manufacture hormones most notably, testosterone. The glans serves several purposes: increasing the chances for fertilization of an egg, creating extra friction during sex, and acting as a hunan absorber within the vagina during intercourse.

At birth, the glans is covered by the foreskin, a sheath of skin that opens at the top. Usually, the categpry loosens up as the baby grows older. When a male has an erection, the foreskin pulls back entirely to fully reveal the glans. The skin of the glans categorj very sensitive, and category erect human penis purpose of the foreskin is to protect it. In the Jewish and Muslim cultures, the foreskin is always surgically removed in a procedure called circumcision.

Circumcision vategory also become popular in many Western societies because the penis is easier to keep clean without the foreskin. Cayegory For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Taking a Look at Empty-Nest Syndrome. Dealing with a Lack of Sexual Desire in Category erect human penis. Gay Teens: Coming Out to Family and Friends. Anatomy of the Human Penis. Sex For Dummies, 3rd Edition. A circumcised penis l.

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