How to stop them from spreading. In: Wein AJ, ed. The prescription usually comes as a cream or ointment. A person is at a higher risk of getting HPV infection if they. For this reason, it is always better to clean the head of penis with warm water rather than applying soap. Ringing in the Ears? A Visual Guide to Asthma.

Chris Balanitis is the medical term for inflammation of the glans penis, also referred balanitis inflamed head of the penis as the head of the penis or tip of the penis. The inflammation often involves the foreskin prepuce in uncircumcised men in which case it balanitis inflamed head of the penis known as balanoposthitis. If the rhe alone is inflamed then it is known as posthitis. However, these conditions are largely similar and is often discussed together.

These are common conditions in males and can affect any age group. Balanitis is more common in boys bakanitis men who have not been circumcised but does not warrant the need for a circumcision as a preventative measure. Most cases are due to infections and poor personal hygiene is a major risk factor. It is not a life threatening condition but can lead to serious complications if left untreated.

The head of the penis glans penis is a mucous membrane and lacks the keratinized protection of skin. The foreskin covers the glans penis, thereby protecting it to some degree, and allows for moisture of the membrane to be retained. Circumcised males, on the other hand, do not have this level of protection and the glans penis is balaniis dry. Despite balanitis inflamed head of the penis protection from the foreskin, the penile head is still exposed and in fact the foreskin can contribute to infections of this area.

Therefore circumcised males, although balanitis inflamed head of the penis a drier glans penis, are less prone to balanitis. Like any area of the body, the head of the penis is prone to inflammation under certain conditions. Inflammation is a response to injury, bqlanitis mechanical, chemical, allergic or infectious. The tip of the penis is covered by the foreskin which balanitis inflamed head of the penis retract when necessary but it infoamed traps debris, dirt and bacteria.

The penis itself is kept warmer than other parts of the body due to constant covering with clothing. The moisture on tip of penis further covered by the foreskin, provides an ideal environment for bacteria and even fungi to grow and thrive within. Poor hygiene does not remove remnants or urine, semen, epithelial cells and skin oils which are collectively referred to as smegum. As the invading pathogen grows and multiplies it can reach a stage where it is able to cause serious injury to the tissue of the head of the penis.

Inflammation titan gel provera for amenorrhea sets in. The process of inflammation on the glans penis is marked by swelling, redness, heat and pain. Since the inflammation extends to the foreskin, this area may also be red, swollen and painful. The inflamed foreskin may be unable to retract and this is known as phimosis.

Similarly excessive swelling of the head of the penis may trap the foreskin behind it thereby preventing it from returning to its normal position. This is known as paraphimosis. Swelling of the penile tissue and the pressure of the foreskin against it may compress and thereby block the urethra. If balanitis is not treated, it can lead to persistent injury of the urethral opening and distal portion of the urethra.

Subsequently scar tissue may form thereby permanently narrowing the urethra — urethral stricture.

Male Yeast Infection Treatment (balanitis)

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