And while some of them have a very large foreskin, a lot of them aren't even noticeable when they're erect. Wait, Do People Actually Go up to Jon Hamm and Point at His Dong?!. I've seen some very weird ones and I guess I'd say the ugliest cocks I've seen were uncircumcised, but the most beautiful cocks I've ever seen were also uncircumcised. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Having an uncut cock doesn't automatically make a man a great lover or even a great person. If people really insisted on au naturel one wonders what nature's lack of toilet paper would mean to them when they were sniffing booty.

You might have brought it up to your girlfriends and some of them have probably never even seen one. Just like vaginas and boobs come in many different shapes and sizes, penises are all different as well. How would you like it if someone took one look at your vagina, freaked out, and told all their friends? Do you have any tips for uncircumcised penises?

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Q&A: Uncircumcised & Living Forever?

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