Please try again later. I believe the chart is a true representation of combined data from a lot of women's preferences, but as a researcher myself, I have authenti ask about the methods. A longer penis or equivalent is enjoyable because the length of sze stroke is greater: long way in; long way out. Do somebody know from which study that data come from? It looks like you've already used that reaction on this post.

Sexy Labia: Love Your Sexy Labia. Our Newest Pictorials: JuicyCherry Update Piv D. Please review our General Site Rulesand our Karma Points System. If you'd like to share the authentic women s penis size preference chart pic sexy labia pics or videos anonymously please see these instructions. Not sure where to start with things? Karma Points Quick Guide:. Vote Up 1 Vote Down. Although this is probably not aauthentic right forum, but I just came across an interesting finding regarding Women's Preference Chart in terms of Penis Size.

According to the Chart: Ideal perfect penis size is from 7. What do our Ladies say? I domen the chart is a true representation of combined data from a lot ahthentic women's preferences, but as a researcher myself, I have to ask about the methods. Did they just ask women to prefdrence their preference or show them different sized dildos to choose from or some such thing? That said, I like a good length and wide girth!

That gets me off like nobody's business. However my bf has a very thin girth and I still have a good time. If it's not enough, we can play with toys and he's great with his hands! Bottom line is that penises come in all shapes and sizes just like labia and we should all learn to appreciate the variety! Lipsvery well said Vote Up 0 Vote Down. That is very interesting.

But I am not the same size every time. It depends on my health. But I like to satisfy her first by eating her pussy!!! I far prefer girth to length. My current partner has a very average penis. Some preferece consider him a little on the "small" side. But he KNOWS what he is DOING and that counts for SO MUCH! Thanked by 3 LabiaLover licknthick1 Honey.

I remember measuring and comparing with that chart, to end up being an A. Here is the metric version. But enough to have my wife walk funny for a couple of days after a good fucking! I just got around to this chart finally. I feel so stereo-typical. Hey Guys To me a penis that is average in size is also perfect! I think that soze guys often worry to much - I have met men with big penises who thought that they were to small.

Precerence bf says that his penis is average -to me it is big! For me c and above is a good size. The authentic women s penis size preference chart pic by 2 licknthick1 LabiaLover. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Apply for Prfeerence. Anonymous Labia Contributions Poems and Erotic Reading Most ever online: 34 on December

Asking Hot Girls "What Is The Ideal PENIS Size?" (Sexual Street Interviews 2016)

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