In general, females keep investing more in the offspring through parental care such as incubation, nourishment and protection. In his new book, "Nature's Nether Regions" Viking,Schilthuizen takes a sweeping look across anx animal kingdom — from ducks to hermaphroditic snails that have sex all day to sharks that penjs one of their penises, or "claspers," they have two to flush rival sperm out of the female's vagina — to illustrate an amazing diversity of genitalia that has been largely unappreciated, even among scientists. The warehouse pirate bug's dagger-like shaft The warehouse pirate bug is typically used to guard grain storage warehouses, where it chows down on threatening moths and larvae. Flatworms' fencing penises Flatworms unjque hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male when female animals develop a penis and unique evolutionary female sex organs, which triggers some seriously odd reproductive behavior. All the individuals are males when they hatch but, when they reach a certain age, they can become females, depending on weight, hormones and social factors.

Scientists have discovered four species of Brazilian insects in which the females possess a penis and the males possess a vagina. This announcement, made today in the journal Current Biologyrepresents the first animaks instance of a "female penis" in the animal when female animals develop a penis and unique evolutionary. She simply also happens animsls sport a penis that she introduces in the male's vagina Contrary to popular belief, the presence or absence of certain sex organs isn't the determining factor when deciding which when female animals develop a penis and unique evolutionary of a species is female and which is male.

Penos fact, biologists don't use sex chromosomes either. They actually rely on the size of an animal's gametes — sperm in males and oocytes in females. As the rule goes, females are the sex that contribute the largest gametes, whereas males are the sex that contribute the smallest gametes and therefore expend the least amount of energy on producing these cells. So, in this particular instance of sex-role reversal, the convention still applies: the female in these species of insect produces the largest gametes — egg cells.

She simply also happens to sport a penis that she introduces into the male's vagina during copulation. Except for producing the penks gametes and having an egg-laying apparatus, the females in these four species of winged insects, called Neotrogla, seem to have become "very masculine" over evolutionary time, Kazunori added.

The appearance of such a novel structure is exceptionally rare, he said, and "may be comparable with the origin of insect wings. At first glance they're unremarkable, Yoshizawa said, because they closely resemble other cave-dwelling insects in the region. But when it's time to mate, the female mounts the male and penetrates his vagina-like opening using her gynosome — the term used to designate her female-penis.

This mating behavior lasts for an impressive 40 to 70 hours, thanks to the female's inflatable, spiny penis that anchors itself to the male's internal tissues. During this time, the female Neotrogla gathers large quantities of sperm that she uses to fertilize her eggs. When asked how the female when female animals develop a penis and unique evolutionary might have evolved, however, Siva-Jothy was stumped. But this female penis has no precedent. Evolving a structure like this, Yoshizawa said, is "exceptionally difficult" because the development of this form of mating would have necessitated the harmonious evolutions of both male and female genitalia, and their exact match.

Researchers are now collecting genomic data to compare these insects to other, closely related species. They hope this information will help them understand how the development of the female penis occurred. Log In or Sign Up. This is my Next. Apr 17,pm EDT. After a massive bird strike last week, a Texas skyscraper will shut down its exterior lights.

The 4 Weirdest Animal Penises

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