When trying to do so, do you use your hands to guide it in? Are u too tight? Top Stories on Quora Sitemap About - Careers - Privacy - Terms - Contact. To create a penis reproduction, qhy or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Privacy Policy About Us. Why Isn't My Penis Hard Enough When Erect To Penetrate Inside The Vagina? Think of it as a radical cure for whiskey-dick.

Dofficult you can help. Essential support for under 25s. Speak to create a penis Our Team. Search in titles only. Why is it so difficult for me to penetrate my girlfriends vagina?? This i is closed. Join Date: Sep Even when I use lubrication and when we foreplay and oral to create a penis, penetration is still difficult and after a couple of tries I get frustrated and lose my erection. We have also tried different positions such as her on top, me on top and also me from behind. At first, I wgy it was me but I think its the design of her vagina.

This may sound silly but I think my girlfriends vagina is too "tight". In retrospect, I've never had this problem with other female partners. If anyone has any suggestions on this please let me know. We have decided to try again tonite and If it doesn't work tonite then I don't know what we will do. We've already tried everything else and we are both ready to have vaginal intercourse. When trying to do if not impossible, do you use your hands to guide it in? As appose to trying to poke it in if u know what i mean!

Perhaps she is nervous and therefore her vagina muscles are contracting. Or she could have an illness where the vaginal muscles contract involuntarily, and a trip to do the doctors would be in order. Try a lot of foreplay before you try to have sex and make sure she's relaxed and really wet. Originally posted by Janjan. View Post When trying to do so, do you use your hands to guide it in? Join Date: Feb To create a penis makes no sense and it's really bizarre. Originally posted by nicolalou.

View Post Perhaps she is nervous and therefore her vagina muscles are contracting. Originally posted by junker. How simple diffiicult is but it's wht working, and the vague explination of what is happening is making it hard to visualise if not impossible come up with a solution. My analogy is someone trying to stick a plug in a socket, but it's not going in.

Now, me personally, I'd want to try and see why it's not going in, and what the if not impossible is actually happening. As in, get up-close and personal. Magnifying galss and all. Join Date: Aug Is she a wyh If I am nervous or feel self conscious we have the same problem but only for a if not impossible minutes?? Join Date: Apr Last edited by wheresmyplacebo ;PM. Join Date: Nov Become a fan of TheSite. Fifficult these people and lives I have no idea about. Gives me a sense dlfficult better perspective.

Join Date: Jun That wby so weird. It's like watching someone eat a carrot, or some other cylindrical food item, and it's just not going into their mouth. Pardon me, dofficult that is a weird image. I wouldn't know whether to laugh or stare perplexed.

I can't get hard

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