However, in the past, concerns of the lack of axial rigidity have been bought up when using longer cylinders and whether this would affect patient satisfaction. Volume 7Issue 7pages —July Shaeer, O. Measurements of grams or more indicate a rigid penis. Although overall patient satisfaction o shaeer the IPP is high [2, 3] the most common complaint among IPP patients 6 months postoperatively is penile shortening [4, 5]. Tel: ; Fax: ; E-mail: dr. However, traditionally long cylinders were felt to lack axial rigidity. The number one patient compliant at six months is penile length.

Osama Kamal Supersizing the penis following penile prosthesis Shaeer, MD, 21 Gaber Ibn Hayan St. Box: 47 Bab El-Louk,Cairo, Egypt, ARE. Tel: ; Fax: ; E-mail: dr. Following implantation of a penile prosthesis, some couples are dissatisfied with penile length, girth, shaft, or glans engorgement. This may be delusional because of the procedure per se or preexisting risk factors such as neglected priapism, Peyronie's disease, radical prostatectomy, or overhanging suprapubic fat.

In this work, we try to enhance penile size in patients dissatisfied with its dimensions following implantation of a penile prosthesis, using various augmentation techniques. Eighteen patients who have had penile prostheses implanted were enrolled in this study based on dissatisfaction with penile size. The complaint was relieved by counseling and administration of PDE5 inhibitors in seven patients. Two patients had elongation, girth augmentation, and glans injection; six had elongation and girth augmentation; and two had elongation and glans injection.

Average preoperative length and girth were 7. Mean postoperative length and girth were The gain in length All patients and partners were satisfied with the results following surgery except one who suffered graft loss. Implantation of a penile prosthesis may improve penile rigidity, yet may confound couple's supersizing the penis following penile prosthesis with penile size to variable degrees.

Sex education may alleviate those concerns. Supersizing the penis following penile prosthesis implantation. J Sex Med ;— Penile size, satisfaction, and sexual function. Continue reading full article DOI

What can I expect after the penile implant surgery?

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