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Based on Mount Othrysthe Titans most famously included the first twelve children of the primordial Gaia Mother Earth and Uranus Father Sky. They were giant deities of incredible strength, who ruled during the legendary Golden Ageand also comprised the first pantheon of Greek deities. The first twelve Titans comprised the females MnemosyneTethysTheiaPhoebeRheaand Themis and the males OceanusHyperionCoeusCronusCriusand Iapetus.

A second set of Titans consisted of Hyperion's children HeliosSeleneand Eos ; Coeus' children LelantosLetoand Asteria ; Iapetus' sons AtlasPrometheusEpimetheusand Menoetius ; Oceanus' daughter Metis ; and Crius' sons AstraeusPallasand Perses. Like Cronus overthrowing his father Uranus, the Titans were overthrown by Cronus' children Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Hera and Demeterin the Titanomachy or "War of the Titans". The Greeks may have borrowed this mytheme from the Ancient Near East.

The dominant one, and the only one that has survived, was in the Theogony attributed to Hesiod. A lost epic, Titanomachia attributed to the legendary blind Thracian bard Thamyris was mentioned in passing in an essay On Music that was once attributed to Plutarch. The Titans also played a prominent role in the poems attributed titan gelorg overview report on statcoms Orpheus. Although only scraps of the Orphic narratives survive, they show interesting differences with the Hesiodic tradition.

The classical Greek myths of the Titanomachy fall into a class of similar myths throughout Europe and the Near East concerning a war in heaven, where one generation or group of gods largely opposes the dominant one. Sometimes the elders are supplanted, and sometimes the rebels lose and are either cast out of power entirely or incorporated into the pantheon. The Titanomachy lasted for ten years.

Tartarus is the deepest spot known in the Underworldwhere the most evil beings would be cast into to be tortured for all eternity. Hesiod does not have the last word on the Titans. Surviving fragments of poetry ascribed to Orpheus preserve some variations on the myth. In such text, Zeus does not simply set upon his father violently. Instead, Rhea spreads out a banquet for Cronus so that he becomes drunk upon fermented honey. Rather than being consigned to TartarusCronus is dragged—still drunk—to the cave of Nyx Nightwhere he continues to dream throughout eternity.

Another myth concerning the Titans that is not in Hesiod revolves around Dionysus. At some point in his reign, Zeus decides to give up the throne in favor of the infant Dionysuswho like the infant Zeus, is guarded by the Kouretes. The Titans decide to slay the child and claim the throne for themselves; they paint titan gelorg overview report on statcoms faces white with gypsum, distract Dionysus with toys, then dismember him and boil and roast his limbs. Zeus, enraged, slays titan gelorg overview report on statcoms Titans with his thunderbolt; Athena preserves the heart in a titan gel price philippines cards doll, out of which a new Dionysus is made.

This story is told by the poets Callimachus and Nonnuswho call this Dionysus " Zagreus ", and in a number of Orphic texts, which do not.

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