That's a much larger tally than the other nine countries that provided sufficient survey data this year, including the U. With an estimated total 15, cases of dnlargement procedure penis enlargement surgery germany, nearly one in five of all penis enlargement operations were performed in Germany. Why online porn filters were doomed to failure. Penis enlargement ointments, pills, and patches are often available online. ISAPS - ISAPS Global Statistics. Taking a broader look at the data, there were more breast enhancement operations than any other surgical procedure worldwide last year. The Guardian - Back to home.

One in five penis enlargement surgeries worldwide take place in Germany, according to data released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The research found that of an estimated 15, penile enlargements that took place in2, - almost 20 per cent - took place in Germany. Scroll down for video Home of the bratwurst: One penis enlargement surgery germany five penile enlargements take place in Germany Venuzuela nabbed second prize in the penis-enlargement race, but its operations pale into insignificance beside Germany's tally, which is over five times greater.

Clinic Compare created this chart to demonstrate where in the world men are heading for penile perfection - and Germany is clearly leading the way According to The German Centre for Urology and Phalloplasty, which performs around 6, operations a year, penile enlargement surgery leaves the recipient with an extra three to six centimetres in length. Surgery can also give the patient an increased two to three centimetres in girth. Men can also choose to have their glans penis - otherwise known as the tip - made 30 to 50 per cent larger.

But recipients don't need to worry that their secret will be discovered in the bedroom, as no visible scar being left by the deft surgeons' penis enlargement surgery germany. Video courtesy of ITV This Morning - click here for more. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. For super-size sausage, head to Penis enlargement surgery germany One in five penis enlargements worldwide take place in the country penis enlargement surgery germany brought us bratwurst.

As the tallest nation in Europe, Germany has always had a size advantage, but it appears that men there may be lacking in other areas. Scroll down for video. ISAPS - ISAPS Global Statistics. Clinic Compare Find The Right Clinic For You. Share or comment on this article. Most watched News videos Horrific mph motorbike crash after drivers pull wheelies Inside Masterchef winner's glamorous family home in Watford Cruel teen girl puts pet rodent in microwave to 'cook it' Brittany Simpson charged with fatally shooting her father Hackers demand ransom money in major NHS cyber attack Cyclist climbs rail crossing moments before high speed train passes Sign language interpreter steals the show during Snoop performance Theresa May discusses the fallout of the country-wide NHS hack Eight-year-old boy kills himself after bully beats penis enlargement surgery germany unconscious Government urged to clarify if cyber attack was preventable Driver claims woman deliberately ran in front of moving car Kate, Wills, and Harry host Buckingham Palace party.

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