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Roger Dobson for the Daily Mail. The gel contains special signalling compounds and, when injected into the damaged area, it acts like a homing beacon, attracting cells that can then turn into new tissue. Osteoarthritis occurs when cartilage — a tough but slippery tissue that coats the ends of the bones in our joints — becomes rougher and thinner. Sometimes holes form in it, allowing bone to rub on bone. Researchers at Iowa University in the U.

These are stem cells which have the capacity to develop into any type of cell in the body that have already committed to becoming a particular sort — in this case, cartilage. However, they have not yet fully developed into that tissue. The same researchers also identified that these cartilage precursor cells react to natural signalling compounds in the blood.

One of these signalling compounds — stromal derived factor 1 known as SDF1 — acts like a homing beacon titan, chestnut thoroughbred cross gelding, titan gaited tb the precursor cells, drawing them out of the titan gel how titan gel works titan gel philippines healthy tissue and into the damaged area where they can form new cartilage. In laboratory studies, the Iowa team injected a gel made with SDF1 into holes in cartilage and the precursor cells moved towards the SDF1 signal.

Growth factors that had been added to the gel then caused the precursor cells to grow into cartilage that repaired the holes. The researchers added that all the components titan gel how titan gel works titan gel philippines the gel are individually approved for human use as part of other treatments, so approval for the therapy for knee arthritis could be swift — with use in patients in less than five years.

Further trials are being planned. But much more research is needed. Normally, a replacement joint is selected by a surgeon from a range of standard sizes. The custom fit knee replacement, known as Conformis, is based on a CT scan and modelled to their specific measurements. Around patients who had the Conformis implant or an off-the-peg replacement will be observed six months after surgery as they perform tasks such as standing up titan gel how titan gel works titan gel philippines a chair and walking upstairs.

X-rays showing how a dye moves in the joint will also be taken. The researchers want to see if the custom-made joints move more like a normal knee, which they say might have implications for how quickly the implant wears out. Currently, a knee replacement lasts around 15 years. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

The gel that tricks worn-out knees into repairing themselves: New jab could be an effective treatment for those with arthritis. Roger Dobson for the Daily Mail Scroll down for video. Share or comment on this article. Malware 'stolen from the NSA' cripples the NHS: Hospitals

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