Labs ordering this antisera kit should also order an appropriate number of ImmunoFix gels only. Electrical tltan Electronic Components. Please select a TIMEFRAME. Kit contains all necessary gels and reagents. Signs of Deterioration: Discard packaged buffer if the material shows signs of dampness or discoloration.

SUMMARY Titan gel immuno fix control electrophoresis IFE is a two stage procedure using agarose gel high resolution protein electrophoresis in the first stage and immunoprecipitation in the second. The specimen may be serum, urine or cerebrospinal fluid. There are numerous applications for IFE in research, forensic titan gel immuno fix control, genetic studies and clinical laboratory procedures. The greatest demand for IFE is in the clinical laboratory where it is primarily used for the detection and identification of monoclonal gammopathies.

A monoclonal gammopathy is a primary disease state in which a single clone of plasma cells produces elevated levels of an immunoglobulin of a single class and type. Such immunoglobulins are referred to as monoclonal proteins, M-proteins, or paraproteins. Differentiation must be made between polyclonal and monoclonal titan gel immuno fix control because polyclonal gammopathies are only a secondary disease state due to clinical disorders such as chronic liver diseases, collagen disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic infections.

Alfonso first described immunofixation titan gel immuno fix control the literature in These include ease of interpretation, excellent resolution, reagent conservation, enhanced sensitivity, within-run quality control and rapid turnaround. In addition, the ImmunoFix-Plus method offers a larger lane gel which allows greater diversity and efficiency in testing protocols. PRINCIPLE Proteins are first resolved by electrophoresis.

In the second stage, the soluble antigen and its antibody are allowed to react. The resultant antigen-antibody complex es may become insoluble as long as the antibody is in slight excess or near equivalency and precipitate. The precipitation rate depends on the proportions of the reactants, temperature, salt concentration and the pH of the solution. The unreacted proteins are removed by a washing step and the antigen-antibody complex which might be visible as a white cloudy band in unstained gel against a dark backgroundis visualized by staining.

The bands in the protein separation are compared with the precipitin bands obtained with immunofixation. CAUTION: DO NOT INGEST. The gel contains barbital which, in sufficient quantity, can be toxic. Refer to the Sodium Azide Warning. Preparation for Use: The gels are ready for use as packaged. The gels must be stored in the protective packaging in which they are shipped. Signs of Deterioration: Any of the following conditions may indicate deterioration of the gel: 1 crystalline appearance indicating the agarose has been frozen, 2 cracking and peeling indicating drying of the agarose, 3 bacterial growth indicating contamination.

TITAN GEL IFE Buffer Ingredients: The buffer contains barbital and sodium barbital with 0. TOXIC- CAUTION: DO NOT INGEST. The buffer contains barbital which, in sufficient quantity, can be toxic. Preparation for Use: Dissolve one package of buffer in mL deionized or distilled water. The buffer is ready for use when all materials completely dissolved. Signs of Deterioration: Discard packaged buffer if the material shows signs of dampness or discoloration.

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