SPIFE ImmunoFix Procedure, Pro Rev 5 Text Isoenyme SPIFE for Plastic Applicators. SPIFE SPE Procedure non ThimersolPro Cl 2 Text Pdf. SPIFE LD Isoenzyme Procedure, Pro 89 Rev 2 Text Pdf. Kits include: 10 QuickGel CK Gels, CK Vis Isoenzyme Reagent, CK Diluent, CK Chromogen, CK Activator, Citric Acid Destain, 10 QuickGel Blotter C, 10 QuickGel Blotter D, 10 QuickGel Blotter A, 10 QuickGel Templates. SPIFE Lipoprotein Procedure, Pro Rev 3 Text Pdf.

Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes High Resolution Proteins Pddf Immunoelectrophoresis Electrophoresis is the reference method for assessing CK isoenzymes. There's practically no cross-reactivity and no false positives due to atypical isoenzymes or carryover from high total activity samples. Electrophoresis provides pd information on CK-MM, CK-MB and CK-BB, resulting in greater accuracy in interpretation and efficiency in test performance. Resolution is excellent and test results, including scanning, are complete in less than one hour.

Reconstituted control is stable 5 days at C. Also for use with SPIFE CK and LD ls assays. Remember: TITAN GEL Pdf titan gel ck ld isoenzyme Incubation Chamber Cat. SDS Safety Data Sheets Electrophoresis is the reference method for assessing CK isoenzymes. About Helena Point of Care. Helena Subsidiaries and International Distributors. Helena Point of Care International Distributors.

Box Beaumont Texas. Web Contact: Helena Marketing.

Lactate dehydrogenase

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