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This listing is for Titan Part Number This regqrding Titans Brake Rite II SD style Electric Over Hydraulic Braking Kit for Disc Brakes. Titans Brake Rite Sever Duty Electric Over Hydraulic Brake unit features a separate SD Control module, which is effectively the "brains" of the operation. Choose Options and Quantity. Email this page to a friend Review this item. Electric over Hydraulic units are designed to take advantage of the users ability to control braking regxrding while utilizing the consistency and stopping power of hydraulic brakes.

The Unit mounts towards the front of the Trailer staandard a location that is determined by the user. Different trailers may require different locations depending upon space and design of the trailer. Hardware Screws and Mounting Brackets not included. This unit also features easy to access Dual Fluid Reservoirs to fill the unit and initially bleed the brakes during installation. The Basic Operation of revarding Brake Rite II SD unit is the standard information regarding titan gel of a braking signal from the tow vehicle through the 7-way trailer plug, then converting that electrical signal into hydraulic pressure, which is what the Actuator Housing does.

Each Electric Over Hydraulic kit also requires having a Breakaway Battery Source which provides over-ride braking strength in the event the trailer becomes un-attached from regwrding tow vehicle. A Dual Battery Reyarding up harness is included with this kit. This unit provides real-time proportional braking. When the driver presses the brake pedal, that signal travels through the 7-way plug to the Titan Actuator, which applies an efficiently controlled and consistent hydraulic force, standard information regarding titan gel activates the trailers brakes.

This action stops when the brake pedal is released. This is an additional converter unit which acts as an electrical signal translator, to ensure that the Towing Vehicle and Braking system operate properly together. Different Ihformation have designed their manufacturer provided brake controllers with and without the option of operating Electric over Hydraulic Brakes, so the use of this Add On Product may be needed. This Manual contains information regarding all versions of the Titan Regwrding Rite line up as well as helpful tips regarding the proper use and maintenance of the device.

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