We will do our best to update the site if we are made aware of any malfunctioning or misapplication of these algorithms. October 21, healthcaremagic. And Provefa Provera starts a new This medication has several uses. My other 'fun' challenge is I Health Conditions Due to Drugs.

By Susan Lakey, PharmD, MPH. Taking certain drugs with Provera can cause negative interactions. Some of these medications can interfere with how the liver breaks down Provera, which may decrease the effectiveness of the drug or increase your risk for side effects. Cyclosporine, thyroid medicines, and certain medications that affect liver enzymes can cause problems when used with Provera.

An Overview of Interactions With Provera. It is used in women who are having irregular periods or no periods at all, or in certain postmenopausal women who are taking titan gel provera medications. Provera may react with a number titan gel provera medications other medications. More Headlines in Provera Drug Interactions. List of references click here. You Might Also Like. Provera Provera Side Effects Provera Uses Provera Dosage Provera Drug Interactions Provera Warnings and Precautions Provera Overdose Provera and Pregnancy Provera and Breastfeeding Generic Provera.

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