Errol Spence gears up for 1st world title bout against Kell Brook. A bit about me. A forthcoming paper's claims about racial differences in penis size are unfounded. Tuesday, October 23, He assumed that larger genital size means less sexual restraint, more frequent intercourse and therefore more frequent differencex. Hot topical environments have higher levels of stability than colder ones.

Hot issues on the wild frontiers of psychology and life. A bit about me. Tuesday, October 23, Race, penis size, and pseudoscience. A forthcoming paper's claims about racial differences the pseudoscience of race differences in penis size penis size are unfounded. Advocates of race realism argue that there are real and pervasive differences between racial groups in personality, intelligence and social behaviour, that these differences have a genetic and evolutionary origin and that they can explain disparities in important social and economic outcomes between races.

For these reasons, his claims should be disregarded as unscientific. World map of penis sizes - looks impressive, but the pseudoscience of race differences in penis size did this information come from? Please do not reproduce without. Brief excerpts may be quoted as long as a link to the original. Race differences in sexual behavior: Testing an evolutionary hypothesis Journal of Research in Personality, 21 4DOI: Differential K theory and racial hierarchies.

Canadian Psychology, 31 1 Eggs, eggplants and eggheads: A rejoinder to Rushton. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Welcome to my psychology blog. This blog focuses on research findings in psychology. I hope you will find interesting reading here. Comments and questions are welcome. If you enjoy what you find here, why not subscribe for free, or share links with your friends?

All content published here is the intellectual property of Scott McGreal and protected by copyright. Human Evolution Weekly Update 6. Another week, another set of fun facts about human evolution. The post Human Evolution Weekly Update 6 appeared first on Filthy Monkey. The Psychology of Human Sexuality. The Fascinating Evolution of Animal Genitalia Video. Throughout the animal kingdom, genitals are very complex—way more complex.

Take the male argonaut octopus, for example, which. New evidence shows the calming power of reminiscing about happy times. This simple memory technique could help you recover from a stressful. The Rules of Replication: Part II — Rich Lucas The Desk Reject. Do replication studies need. In my previous post I focused on the question of whether. Unique—Like Everybody Else Psychology Today. Does Watching Porn Promote Submissiveness in Women?. The pseudoscience of race differences in penis size study suggests that women who watch more porn, engage are more sexually.

Does this reflect the influence of porn on their behavior? Reposted from this post on the Civil Politics Blog Clearly some members of. Obstructive Mystery in Poetry. Below is a quote of Billy Collins, Poet Laureate of the United States from. Learning exactly the wrong lesson. For several years now I have heard fellow scientists worry that the.

Sam Harris: Author, Philosopher, Essayist, Atheist. In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Anne. Do social crises lead to religious revivals? Back inI made a prediction: that the financial crisis of would. It seemed reasonable enough. Book Review: Intelligence by Stuart Ritchie. The reason for this is oddly enough that many highly intelligent.

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The Ideal Penis Size In 10 Countries

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