Science goes to great lengths to measure average penis size How can i get best medicine for my sexual performance? An IGN Entertainment Games site. I think this question violates the Community Incj. If you had a 4 inch penis, would you still try to get with the ladies? See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

BeardedDragon - "I have definitive mathematical proof that PE works. But I can't send it to you because it's attached to me. Originally Would you still try to get with by jeeval There are exercises for girth, slinky, horse squeezes, kegel jelqs. Then ofcoarse there is clamping and pumping, you can gain if you really want to. At birth I was given a choice between a good memory and a big dick, but I can't remember what I chose. Originally Posted by jeeval.

Buddy, try having girth of 4. Head disappeared when kids appeared with me. But good luck though. Hope you can at least add an inch of girth. Keep us posted on your progress. Originally Posted by nnapsmas. Sorry to hear that head went away when kids appeared. I am 53 and my marriage deteriorated in this last year and thankfully we are working things through now, and sex has never been better between us.

Originally Posted by a-unit. Damn, you had some great gains for length and girth. Helps give me hope. And once she did, what did you tell her? Just keep at it bro. I started two months ago at 4. Got an injury at the end of month two and have been out of the game ever since. I retained everything I gained for the most part and after two weeks off am still at 5.

Moral if the story, you would you still try to get with get it if you want it and keep at it. If you are truly unhappy with your size then you can do something about it. Keep doing you PE and dont lose hope. Be proud of what you have and keep doing PE so you can have more and be proud of it too. I know how you feel. I was once one of you. The Size Myth In The Porn Industry. Originally Posted by Girthgetting. One thing I went back and did when I tried for girth is strengthening the pelvic floor and I was doing kegals wrong.

How to make your dick bigger naturally without pills

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