Nair is online now. It could also be due to some food that you took very recently. Jyoti is online now. It doesn't hurt, or get worse, no ulcers or blisters. Although it doesnt seem dangerous to me, I want to get it checked out anyway because new spots are always suspicious, right?

February 19, By Dr. Deepak Ghimire Comments It is common for you to panic and scare when you notice any black spots on penis. But the good thing is that most of the lesions are harmless. There are many conditions that can cause black spots on penis. Some of i have black spots on my penis they are on the tip and shaft are listed below: Most common cause of dark spot on penis is penile melanosis.

Penile melanosis is well-defined, oval, brown to black, flat patch saft can be seen on glans penis penis head or shaft of penis. Sometimes they may have irregular border and change in color that can cause dpots with scary and malignant lesion like melanoma. In most cases your doctor may not need biopsy unless he sees something concerning. However, if you are older glack 50, have family history of cancer, the number and size of the lesion are increasing, and lesions have atypical morphology, then it may warrant for biopsy.

Luckily, most of the penile melanotic macules are harmless. Treatment is not necessary but for cosmetic purpose it can be removed with cryotherapy, and lasers or hage excision. Moles are quite common presentation on penis; they can be flat or slightly raised brown to dark color. They are usually harmless spotw do not requirement any treatment. But you should immediately visit doctor if you see any changes in size, color and texture of the lesion.

Another cause of black spots on penis is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is quite common. Minor infections like folliculitis, minor adn or even irritation can leave black pigmentation after healing which will fade with time. These minor injuries or irritation can be so mild that you may not have noticed, all you notice is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Sometimes genital warts Bowenoid papulosis can also appear pigmented that can create confusion with other disease.

They care caused by human papilloma virus and are sexually transmitted. They are usually single or multiple red, brown to flesh color bumps with flat surface and commonly seen on shaft of penis. Bowenoid papulosis is considered to be transitional state between genital warts and Bowen disease and has potential to be malignant. Although most commonly seen on the scrotum, tthey can also i have black spots on my penis they are on the tip and shaft in shaft and glans of the penis.

They look like tiny black, blue or red domed-shaped bumps. Most of the cases are asymptomatic, but some may complain of pain and mild itching. Although harmless, it can peniz considerable worry and can be bothersome. Penile melanoma is rare malignant skin cancer of the elderly. The lesion frequently affects the glans, followed by foreskin, the shaft and the tip of urethra. Early stage of the disease, primary penile melanoma can mimic several other harmless lesions, so early correct diagnosis is very important that can affect the outcome of the disease.

Biopsy can aid in correct diagnosis. Primary penile kaposi sarcoma sometimes can also present as pigmented patch on penis. Kaposi sarcoma localized to the penis is very rare and affects more in HIV positive pensi. Glans penis is more common, b,ack by foreskin, coronal sulcus, penile body, frenulum and urethral meatus.

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