In the worst case, they can cause heart attacks, there are several verified actual deaths related to dubious penis pills. The unfortunate part for patients is only that their health insurance will not cover aesthetic gerjany such as penis enlargement, meaning that the patient will have to personally bear the costs. That is why we provide the option of financing procedures starting from 3. Tempted by products that claim to increase. Penis extenders are an effective method of penis enlargement.

The obsession over penis size is seen in men from all walks of life who have become preoccupied with the glorified male body part. Out of an estimated 15, enlargements worldwide, 2, operations took place in the land of the FIFA World Cup champions, Germany. This accounts for 18 percent of all penis enlargements in the world, which is much more than any other nation.

While this figure seems like a large amount, this translates to roughly eight out of everyadult males who reside in the country. In comparison, Venezuela, second runner-up, has four out of everyadults in the country undergoing the intimate nip-tuck, not coming anywhere close to the German rate. Rather, this data highlights the number of penis enlargement procedures done in Germany. However, to prevent the ligament from reattaching, the why germany is the home of penis enlargement will most likely need to attach weights or stretching devices to their penis daily for approximately six months.

While it remains unclear how many German men are getting male enhancement procedures, a recent study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differencessuggests Germans rank high when it comes to male endowment. A total of countries from all continents were covered in the study to compare and contract penis size and nationality.

Germany rounds up the top 10 with an average penis size of 5. Doubt surrounds whether penis enlargement techniques available today really do work. While why germany is the home of penis enlargement pumps, creams, and pills are highly ineffective, plastic surgery seems to be the most reliable option. At best, surgery may add up to half an inch 1 cm to the length of a flaccid penis.

Male enhancement surgery comes with the risk of infection, scarring, and loss of function. Most men who think their penis is too small, may consider one of these penis enlargement techniques, but chances are they may why germany is the home of penis enlargement have a normal-sized penis. Flaccid lengths can range from around 2. The average why germany is the home of penis enlargement penis can range anywhere from 4.

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