To be all you can be between the legs, lose weight. A tiny person might prefer smaller dicks. LOL I am happily not full of BS and I can assure you most women have no trouble accommodating me. Five Important Financial Secrets Your Bank Doesn't Want You To Know. He was a good sexual partner in the end, but the amount of work that has to go into making it work was just…insane.

So, you want to know the answer to the age-old question: " Does size really matter? It's a topic that's been debated by scientists, therapists and divorce attorneys alike. There have been legitimate studies dedicated to getting to the bottom of this issue — for the sake of men's egos everywhere. To find peniw once and for all whether the meat matters more than the motion, I asked 16 ladies for their honest take — straight up, no chaser.

Here's what they had to say about their ideal penis proportion. RELATED READING: 5 Small Penis Sex Positions To Make Her Think You're Huge. You have no hpw. You have no notifications. Become a Better Man. Women Discuss Penis Size. Five Important Financial Secrets Your Bank Doesn't Want You To Know. The 15 Highest Paid Athletes In The World.

Trending News: Okay, Let's Talk About Why People Are Having Less Sex. Watching Adult Film Stars Describe A Guy's Ideal Manhood Is Whoa. This Guy Asked Spring Breakers Whether Size Matters And Their Responses Are Ridiculous. Are You Embarrassed By Your Turn-Ons? Best of the Web.

Women Choose Their Ideal Penis Size

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