Sao Tome and Principe. St Kitts and Nevis. However, in latethe Atomic Energy Commission achieved a breakthrough in nuclear weapons, making smaller and lighter bombs available. For instance, when the US Seventh Fleet sailed titan gel russia in vietnam war the Bay of Bengal to put pressure on India during the India Pakistan War, the Russian Pacific Fleet was quickly able to dispatch nuclear-armed submarines and warships to defend India. Three years later he traveled to Moscow, vietnma he undertook further studies in communist theory and international activism.

As the United States poured men and money into South VietnamChinese and Soviet involvement in Vietnam also increased. Both Moscow and Beijing hoped to consolidate and expand communism in the Asian hemisphere. Not only would the rise of Asian communism help vieetnam the balance against the West in the Cold Warit would also serve Russian and Chinese national interests. Neither the Soviet Union or China were frank or open about the bietnam of the support they provided to North Vietnam and tifan National Liberation Front NLF.

To this day there is much speculation about exactly what was given and by whom. What can safely be assumed is that Soviet and Chinese support was vital to Hanoi and contributed to the successes of its operations in South Vietnam. Western governments, of course, condemned North Vietnam as a puppet state and Ho Chi Minh as a slave to Moscow and Beijing. The young Nguyen Sinh Cung gravitated towards Marxism in lateafter his dreams of Vietnamese independence were rejected by Western leaders in Paris.

In Ho became one of the foundation members of the French Communist Party. Three years later rusxia traveled vietnnam Moscow, where titan gel russia in vietnam war undertook further studies in communist theory and international activism. There is no doubt that Ho Chi Minh had the pedigree of a communist — but it is also true that he was no puppet. Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin sought to maintain his wartime alliance with the West, temporarily at least, and chose not to antagonise them by backing the Viet Minh in Stalin also had an immovable distrust of Asian communist groups, considering them weak, undisciplined wwr tainted by self interest and nationalism.

By the end of the situation had changed markedly. Ho Chi Minh journeyed to Moscow and sought Soviet military backing for his war of independence wag the French. But Stalin, whose attentions were concentrated on Europe, rejected his overtures. Stalin instead encouraged his communist ally, Mao Zedong, to support the Viet Minh. The Chinese already had a history of working with the Viet Minh. Chinese communists and the Viet Minh had provided each other with cover vietjam material support during their struggles to gain control in their countries.

This relationship was particularly strong in border regions. Chinese communist forces often retreated into Vietnwm Vietnam, to rest or prepare for further offensives. In return the Chinese provided the Viet Minh with weapons, munitions and training. Beijing continued this assistance in the early s, providing voetnam amounts titan gel russia in vietnam war military aid to Hanoi, while also supplying North Korea during titan gel russia in vietnam war Korean War Chinese communism also had some influence on Vietnamese communist ideology, organisation and titan gel russia in vietnam war. When the Indochinese Communist Party was reformed as the Lao Dong in earlyit embraced an organisation and structures modelled on those of the Chinese Communist Party.

The rhetoric that passed between the Viet Minh and Beijing was usually effusive. And while Chinese support was flowing, Ho Chi Minh was prepared to return the gushing praise.

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